Northwest Iowa Amateur Golf



Attn: Northwest Amateur Participants:

At approximately 3:30am, we experienced extremely strong winds and substantial rain which has scattered branches and twigs all across the course. The forecast has also added another likely storm soon, as well as more likely coming later in the day.

Our first priority is for all players to be able to complete their 36 hole total score this morning and we are working extremely hard to prepare the course in time for a now 8:30am planned sta...rt (delayed from original 8:00am plan) for those scheduled to finish their round. It is quite possible that we might only be able to have a 36 hole tournament this year, so please watch for the next update before you would make the drive here for any flighted rounds. These rounds would be starting a little later than the 11:30am time projected yesterday if they are possible to be played. Thank you for your patience through these weather challenges.

Please send an email to if you would like to be put on our waiting list.